Range of activities


The offer includes development of construction designs to the extent necessary to obtain a building permit in accordance with the requirements of the Building Law.

We are ready to develop an insert for the design of a structure or steel structure and foundations in cooperation with the design office of your choice. In any capacity, based on our engineering knowledge and many years of design and construction experience, we provide optimal and economical design solutions tailored to the investor's needs.

The scope of the offer includes industry-specific construction projects:

  • Structural design of the steel structure together with a set of static calculations
  • Construction project of foundations with a set of static calculations
  • Construction project of reinforced concrete masonry structures with a set of static calculations
  • Construction design of piling with a set of static calculations

In special cases, we can undertake the development of a comprehensive multi-branch project necessary to submit an application for an administrative decision on a building permit, including:

  • Land development plan
  • Architecture construction project
  • Construction design of a structure with a set of static calculations
  • Construction designs of connections and installations in the water and sewage, electricity, HVAC and road industries
  • Health and safety arrangements, sanitary-epidemiological station, fire protection


The offer of building the facility is addressed to investors and contractors who are in the process of preparing offers or are beginning to implement the investment and construction configuration.

Our offer includes the analysis of static and structural solutions adopted in the original design and the resulting proposal for an alternative structural solution to reduce investment costs. The solutions we develop take into account both the calculation aspects through advanced three-dimensional modelling of static systems of objects, as well as aspects related to the technology of steel structure production.

Many years of experience in cooperation with technologists from the production facility allow the use of the most advantageous solutions in terms of welding technology and assembly of steel structure elements in construction, which allows manufacturers to reduce labor input and, consequently, the prices of finished products.

If an optimized version of the structure is selected, we provide detailed design and workshop documentation, ready for delivery to the steel structure manufacturer, and if a replacement construction project with a set of static calculations is required.


Our offer includes development of detailed designs of structures on the basis of a construction design or on the basis of our own static and strength calculations (so-called structure optimization).

If we receive a construction project, we make full statics of connections and construction nodes and prepare executive drawings with details of connections with marking of screws and welds, on the basis of which a workshop design can be developed. Thanks to many years of cooperation with steel construction factories and direct contact during assembly on the construction site, our executive designs contain solutions optimized for production and assembly technology. Additionally, we can make a full detailed design of reinforced concrete foundation structures, columns and other parts of buildings not made in steel technology.

Dzięki wieloletniej współpracy z wytwórniami konstrukcji stalowych oraz bezpośrednim kontaktem podczas montażu na budowie nasze projekty wykonawcze zawierają rozwiązania zoptymalizowane pod kątem technologii produkcji i montażu.

Dodatkowo możemy wykonać pełny projekt wykonawczy konstrukcji żelbetowych fundamentów, słupów oraz pozostałych części budynków nie wykonywanych w technologii stalowej.


Our offer includes the development of workshop designs of steel structures on the basis of construction and executive design.

We use the latest advanced 3D modelling technologies in the form of BOCAD software, which, in the hands of experienced designers, allows us to reduce to a minimum the possibility of errors during the prefabrication of the structure and assembly at the construction site.

Workshop documentation on steel structures shall be prepared in accordance with the requirements set out in current standards and shall include:

  • drawings of structure elements with their marking in accordance with the material lists,
  • drawings for individual elements containing drawn details in the form of views, projections and cross-sections dimensioned with the types and quality of welds described,
  • assembly drawings and kitting,
  • material lists (number and type of profiles, sheets for the whole topic),
  • structural lists (number and type of profiles, sheets for a single element),
  • mailing lists (number of individual items),
  • DSTV, NC files with data for numerical machine tools.


The offer is addressed to investors interested in helping to carry out the planned investment in an effective and economically rational way.

The scope of services related to the construction of steel construction facilities includes:

Conceptual and preparatory works - analysis of formal conditions and investment possibilities for a given plot of land, investment feasibility study, preliminary budget, development of land development and architectural concept of the facility including technology, preliminary agreements with media administrators.

Organization of the design process - definition of design assumptions, organization of tenders for design work, supervision of the implementation of design works and their compliance with the Investor's requirements. Supervision of administrative procedures to obtain building permits for investments.

Organization and conduct of the investment process - organization of tenders and selection of contractors, supervision over construction works, cost control and implementation of the assumed budget, reporting on the progress of works to the Investor, final acceptance and commissioning, final settlements of the investment.

The offer is based on many years of experience in project management in the steel construction industry and ensures efficient investment execution - from the simplest hall to complex industrial facilities.